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Stellantis North America owns Jeep, a well-known automobile brand most popular for its luxury and Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV). Jeep was founded in 1943 in Toledo, Ohio, where its headquarters remain today. It was later acquired by Stellantis (formerly known as Chrysler) in 1987. The Jeep brand currently consists of crossovers and fully off-road-worthy SUVs and models, including a single pickup truck option. Previously, Jeep vehicles included other pickups, small vans, and some roadsters.

More than 2400 U.S. dealerships hold franchise rights to sell Jeep-branded vehicles. If Jeep were its own separate company, it is estimated to be worth would range from $22 and $33.5 billion.

Jeep Lemon Law Tips

Maybe you’ve had problems with your Jeep vehicle for quite some time, or perhaps you are just now starting to notice them. Maybe you have taken your Jeep to the repair shop several times, and they are never fully able to diagnose or fix the problem. Whatever the situation, if you want to protect your interest, be sure you take the following steps:

  • Have your Jeep vehicle inspected and repaired at a Jeep-authorized shop or dealership
  • Ensure that your complaints are clearly detailed and included on your repair invoice
  • Ask for a copy of your invoice and keep it along with other maintenance and repair records for your Jeep
  • Reach out to the seasoned lemon law attorney at Law Office of Michael Humphries for what to do next

Common Defects with Jeep Vehicles

Jeep has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of durable vehicles designed to handle off-road conditions, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to issues. The following are some commonly-reported problems that Jeep drivers experience with their vehicles:

  • Faulty wireless control module
  • Transmission issues
  • Engine stalling
  • TIPM faults
  • Water leaks
  • Shaky steering wheel
  • Exhaust leaks
  • Ignition switch recall
  • Fuel overflow
  • Window motor failure
  • Brake issues
  • Clutch pressure overheating

What if Jeep or the Jeep Dealer Can’t Fix Your Vehicle?

As per California lemon laws, if your vehicle’s dealer or manufacturer remains unable to repair a serious warranty defect after a “reasonable” number of tries, they must either:

  • Replace the vehicle
  • Refund its purchase price

In addition, you get to choose what they do, not them. However, be aware that no identified number of “reasonable” attempts is detailed in the law. Although, the law offers some guidance for determining when a “reasonable” number of repair tries are reached:

  • The vehicle’s manufacturer or dealer hasn’t resolved the same issue within four or more attempts
  • If driven, your Jeep’s problems might cause death or serious bodily injury, and the manufacturer or dealer has tried at least twice to correct the problems
  • Your vehicle has spent over 30 days in the shop (consecutive or not) to repair problems covered by its warranty

Is Your Jeep a Lemon?

Did you buy a Jeep vehicle only to find out it had one or more defects that a regular repair service couldn’t fix? If so, it’s possible that you purchased a lemon. While it’s common to feel helpless in this circumstance and worry that you don’t have any options, be aware that California’s lemon laws protect you. You may actually be eligible to receive compensation from the Jeep dealership or manufacturer with the help of an experienced Seal Beach and Orange County lemon law attorney, Michael Humphries. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation to learn more.

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