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Over the course of his 26 years of working with lemon law cases, Mr. Humphries has focused on getting people relief when they have been taken advantage of after buying a vehicle—whether from a small, medium, or large seller. When a buyer has purchased a problem vehicle, Mr. Humphries has consistently succeeded in either getting a replacement vehicle for the buyer, getting a cash settlement, or having the seller buy back the vehicle.

As an expert in lemon law cases, Mr. Humphries has won lawsuits for clients who have sued big corporations including Ford Motor Co., General Motors, and Chrysler Corp. He has argued cases for clients in the different levels of courts in the state of California, including the California Supreme Court. His ongoing goal of helping individuals, when they feel they have been taken advantage of, is the passion that drives his legal practice.

When Mr. Humphries is not representing clients, he can be found playing and coaching soccer, enjoying outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, or camping in the mountains. Additionally, he is an avid sports fan who enjoys watching professional soccer, as well as cheering on Los Angeles-based sports teams such as the Lakers basketball team, the Dodgers baseball team, and the Kings hockey team.

Family and community are very important to Mr. Humphries. Spending time with his wife of 27 years, as well as his three children keeps him grounded. He is the proud father to a professional ballerina who dances for the Boston Ballet company, a professional musician, and a high school student athlete who is a member of both the Los Alamitos High School soccer and surfing teams.

Having grown up in the Los Alamitos area of California, Mr. Humphries continues to reside there and to contribute to his community. He is a long-standing member of the California Bar Association and has participated in varied consumer group events, including as a presenter. As part of giving back to his community, he welcomes potential new attorneys as summer-time interns in his office. Periodically, he also volunteers in free call-in programs where members of the public can call in and speak to an attorney about their legal concerns. Additionally, he is active in his church community, and plays, and coaches soccer

With his many years of expertise in representing lemon law clients, Mr. Humphries is a strong advocate for the clients whose cases he takes on. He is always open to discussing alternatives with individuals who believe they may have been taken advantage of when they purchased a car, truck, or other vehicle that has not functioned as it should.

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