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Ford Motor Company (often called Ford) was founded by Henry Ford in 1903 and is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan. Ford is a multinational manufacturer of automobiles and also owns several smaller car brands, such as Lincoln and Troller. The company went public in 1956. However, through special Class B shares, the Ford family still retains 40 percent of its voting rights.

The Ford brand is well-known for its impact on the large-scale manufacturing of cars and the management of an industrial workforce using moving assembly lines. Today, Ford is the second-largest U.S.-based automaker and the fifth-largest globally.

What to Do If You Think Your Ford Vehicle is a Lemon

Suppose you have reason to believe that you have purchased a Ford lemon. You have rights under California’s lemon laws; however, you need to protect your rights by taking the following essential actions:

  • Take your vehicle to an authorized Ford repair shop or Ford Dealership for repairs
  • Explain your problems and concerns and ensure that they are accurately documented on the repair invoice
  • Request a copy of the invoice and keep it in a safe place with other important paperwork related to your vehicle’s problems, repairs, and maintenance
  • Contact the Law Office of Michael Humphries, as we can help you with your next steps

Common Defects with Ford Vehicles

Here are the most common defects that owners of Ford vehicles have noted:

  • Transmission issues
  • Spark plug ejection and wiring harness issues
  • Oil pan leaks
  • Issues with fuel reliability
  • Engine malfunctions and stalls
  • Engine shutdown and PCM failure
  • Tire blowouts
  • Faulty air-conditioning systems
  • EGR sensor
  • Cracked PCV hose

What if Ford or a Ford Dealer Can’t Fix Your Vehicle?

Your Ford dealer must be able to repair serious warranty defects within a “reasonable” number of tries under California laws. If they are unable to do so, they must offer to replace your vehicle or refund you the purchase price of your vehicle. You are the party who gets to decide.

What is a “Reasonable” Number of Tries?

The law doesn’t specifically define a “reasonable” number of attempts. However, the following guidelines can help define when it’s no longer feasible for the dealer or manufacturer to keep trying to fix the vehicle:

  • They haven’t fixed the same issue after four or more attempts
  • Your Ford vehicle’s problems could cause severe or fatal bodily injury if it’s driven, and they have made a minimum of two unsuccessful repair attempts
  • Your vehicle has been in a repair shop for at least 30 days (the law doesn’t require them to be consecutive) for repairs of problems that should be covered under its warranty

Is Your Ford a Lemon?

If you are having significant problems with your Ford vehicle and suspect you ended up with a lemon, now is the time to reach out to the Law Office of Michael Humphries. Attorney Michael Humphries is a seasoned lemon law attorney who helps clients in Seal Beach and Orange County protect their rights when it comes to dealing with these vehicles. What many vehicle owners don’t know is that they are entitled to a refund, a payoff of their loan, and compensation for reasonable attorney fees and costs. You don’t have to accept that your vehicle is a lemon and assume the expenses yourself. Learn more about what you can do by calling our office today to schedule a free case review.

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