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Dodge is a division of Stellantis North America that was acquired in 1928. Dodge was founded in 1900 by John and Horace Dodge, originally branding the company as Dodge Brothers. Dodge was initially a parts and assemblies supplier to Detroit-based automakers like Ford. It wasn’t until 1914 that they started creating complete automobiles under the “Dodge Brothers” brand. Today Dodge is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, and is well-known for its vans and trucks. This brand has also done well internationally in markets such as Brazil, Europe, and Canada.

Lemon Law Tips for Dodge Vehicles

Purchasing a vehicle is a significant decision. When you spend your hard-earned money to buy a Dodge, you have every right to expect it to perform correctly. You have additional rights under California’s lemon laws when it doesn’t. If you think your Dodge vehicle might be a lemon, you can protect yourself by taking the following steps:

  • Have your vehicle inspected by an authorized Dodge repair shop or dealership
  • Express your concerns in detail and ask that they document them on the repair invoice
  • Keep a copy of your repair invoice for your own records, along with any other vehicle repair or maintenance paperwork
  • Contact the Law Office of Michael Humphries as soon as possible to ensure you protect your claim even further

Common Dodge Vehicle Defects

While Dodge lemons can have various problems, those that own this brand of vehicle have noticed some of the same issues, including the following:

  • Faulty electronic gear shifters
  • Brake system and suspension problems
  • Faulty radiator fans
  • Defective airbags
  • Transmission issues
  • Software problems
  • Low mileage engine blowouts and engine failure
  • Rusting
  • Coolant leaks
  • Faulty TPIM
  • Wobbly front ends
  • Dashboards that crack easily

What if Dodge or a Dodge Dealer Can’t Repair Your Vehicle?

According to California’s vehicle lemon laws, if a Dodge dealer or manufacturer can’t repair a vehicle’s serious warranty defect after attempting a “reasonable” number of times, you get to choose if the manufacturer:

  • Replaces the vehicle
  • Refunds its purchase price

You get to decide how you want them to handle the situation. Unfortunately, there is no pre-determined number of “reasonable” attempts defined by the law. However, California’s Lemon Law Presumption gives the following guidelines for determining when a “reasonable” number of repair attempts have been met:

  • After four or more attempts, the manufacturer or dealer can’t resolve the same issue
  • The vehicle’s issues could cause death or severe bodily injury if it’s driven and the manufacturer or dealer has made at least two repair attempts
  • The vehicle has been in the repair shop for more than 30 days (not required to be consecutive) for warranty-covered issues

Is Your Dodge a Lemon?

The Law Office of Michael Humphries serves lemon law clients in and around Seal Beach or Orange County, CA. Attorney Michael Humphries offers free case consultations for vehicle owners who think they may have a lemon on their hands. You have nothing to lose by letting him review the issues you have had with your Dodge. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that under California law, those who purchase lemons are entitled to a refund, payoff of their loan, and compensation for reasonable attorney fees and costs. Get in touch with us today to schedule your complimentary case consultation and learn what your case could be worth.

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