Ford has communicated a recall concerning approximately 1.3 million Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ autos produced between 2013 and 2018 due to concerns with their brake tubing. As an auto buyer, it’s fundamental to comprehend the particulars of this recall and its connection to California’s lemon statutes. In this article, we provide a thorough examination of the recall, the challenges it introduces, and its potential impact on you as a car proprietor.

Identifying the Issue

Ford approximates that about 2% of the 1.28 million autos impacted by the brake tubing recall have the brake tubing defect. This concern can lead to alterations in the sensation and movement of the brake pedal, possibly diminishing braking efficacy and amplifying the possibility of mishaps. A single incident has already been documented as a result of this concern, although no injuries were noted.

Proprietors of affected autos might observe a change in the sensation and movement of their brake pedal, and the brake fluid alert indicator light may also activate.

Providing a Remedy

Ford will dispatch letters to owners regarding the brake hose issue from April 17th to the 28th, advising them to take their autos to a Ford or Lincoln dealership. Dealerships will substitute the faulty brake tubes at no cost. For additional information, refer to the formal NHTSA recall report here:

California’s Lemon Statutes and Recalled Autos

According to California’s lemon law, if your auto possesses a defect that significantly impairs its utility, worth, or safety, and the manufacturer is unable to fix the problem following a reasonable number of attempts, you could be entitled to a replacement auto or a refund. This recall of Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ could potentially categorize your auto as a lemon under California law.

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